After completing many projects, both recording and producing, Richard Sandoz (Lausanne, CH) has created his latest album; composed and produced without compromise. His influences and roots are mainly in metal music, but he has also found inspiration in pop and rhythm’n’blues.

The Irish-influenced lead vocals of Laura Sandoz bring warmth and clarity, warming up the metal compositions and soothing the slow ballads.


Igor Banic is a professional musician and a bass guitar teacher, with rock metal influences, but also jazz and fusion. As PX (founder & composer of P.M.T) and Yannick Rey (founder & co-composer of Trophallaxy) they are pure metal guitar players.

The album has been mixed by Patrick Aeby (Krokus, Katmandü ...) and Richard Sandoz. The mastering has been done at the Sterling Sound Studio in New York by Georges Marino.

Several renowned guest artists contributed to the project, including:

​Mandy Meyer - Guitar (Gotthard, Krokus, Unisonic, Asia, Katmandü, House Of Lords...)
Paul Urstein - Violin (Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne, Director of Lausanne Conservatory)
Philippe Schilknecht - Cello (Chamber Orchestra of Lausanne)
Pierre Gilardoni - Guitar (Hare, Teacher at the EJMA)
Dominique Favez - Guitar (Krokus)
This first album - which moves and kicks ass - takes it roots undeniably in metal music. Under the heat, it sometimes melts to become sweet. But don’t be mistaken…


« Great hard rock with soul piercing vocals and killer melodies. You can’t go wrong with IRIZEA ! » Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper band)​